What is Config APK? Download Config APK File 2024 Version

What is Config APK? Download config APK file

What is Config APK? Config APK is a file used by Android devices to store configurations and settings. The file is stored on the device’s internal storage and is used by the Android operating system. Config APK stores configurations for the following: WiFi, Bluetooth, and other wireless networks; application permissions; and system settings. The Android operating system automatically generates the file when the device is first booted.

Config APKs are Android App Bundle files that contain the configuration settings your app needs, like the language your app is displayed in or the graphics it uses. For example, you can create a Config APK for each language your app supports or different graphics configurations. However, when you upload your app bundle to the Play Console, you don’t need to include config APKs. Instead, configuration settings are stored in a structured XML file called an “apns-conf.xml” file. When an app requests a configuration setting, the Android device looks up the setting in the apps-conf.xml file and returns it to the app.

Download Config APK File

The config APK is a separate file from the main app APK. This separation allows for different configurations to be stored in additional files. For example, you could have to debug and release configuration files. This would allow you to change your app’s behavior without rebuilding the entire app. Config APKs are not required for all apps. However, if you want to offer different configurations for your app, you will need to create a config APK.

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What is Config APK on Android? How to Remove Config APK package?

ConfigAPK is an Android package configuring certain Android operating system aspects. It is optional for most users but valuable for developers or those who want to change specific device settings. An APK is a package file format used by Android to install apps. For example, the Config APK allows an Android app to configure itself based on the user’s preferences.

When an Android app is installed, it is given a default configuration. However, the config APK allows the app to change its configuration based on the user’s preferences. For example, an app may use the config APK to alter its language or region settings.

The config APK is optional for all apps, but it can be handy for apps that need to be customized for different users. So if you’re developing an Android app, consider whether your app needs a config APK. ConfigAPK can be removed if it is no longer required or if it is causing problems on the device.

How to Use Config APKs

An Android app typically has two files: the APK file used to install the app on a device and a config file. The config file contains settings and preferences for the app and is used by the app to store data. Config APKs can change an app’s settings and preferences or store data. For example, you could use a config APK to change an app’s language or add a new user interface.

Config APKs are created by developers when they compile their code. They’re not required for an app to run, but they can be helpful if you want to make changes to an app without recompiling the code.

What are the benefits of using config APK?

Config APKs is an Android App Bundle that allows developers to offer different app versions for other devices. This means developers can create separate config APKs for phones, tablets, and TVs.

What are the benefits of using config APK

If you know what is Config APK then Config APKs also have several benefits over traditional APKs:

  1. They’re much smaller, saving bandwidth and storage space on devices.
  2. They allow developers to update their apps more frequently without resubmitting them to the Play Store.
  3. They give users the ability to choose which version of an app they want to install based on their device type.

Are there any drawbacks to using config APK?

Config APKs are simply APKs that are used for configuration purposes only. They do not contain any actual code or resources but merely reference other APKs that do. While there are many benefits to config APKs (such as updating configuration data without re-installing the entire app), there are also some drawbacks. One drawback is that config APKs can sometimes be challenging to work with.

Is configAPK Malicious?

ConfigAPK is a configuration file used by Android devices. The file is used to store settings and preferences for the device. It is not a virus or malware, but it can be used by malicious programs to gain access to your device. If you find ConfigAPK on your device, you should delete it and run a security scan.

How can I disable ConfigAPK?

You should disable ConfigAPK if you’re not using it or having problems with it. To do this, go to the Settings app on your device and tap “Apps.” Next, find ConfigAPK in the list of apps and tap “Disable. Config APK files are generally harmless and pose no threat to your device.

Does ConfigAPK drain the Battery Quickly?

If you’re wondering whether ConfigAPK is causing your battery to drain quickly, there are a few things you can do to check. First, try disabling the app and see if your battery life improves. If it does, consider using another app or disabling certain features within ConfigAPK, causing the issue. Config APK runs in the background, so you won’t even know it’s there until you start tweaking your settings.


We described that what is Config APK, It is an Android package file configuring an Android app. This file can set up various parameters, such as the app’s language, default resolution, etc. For example, when an Android app is downloaded, the app’s files are stored in a config APK. The config APK contains all of the app’s settings and preferences. The config APK is default located in the /data/data/ directory on your device.

So, should you uninstall ConfigAPK? It depends. If you’re not using it and it’s causing problems, you should uninstall it. However, if you find it helpful and it’s not causing any issues, then there’s no need to uninstall it.

No, you don’t need it if you’re happy with the default settings on your device. However, if you want to customize your device, then config APK can be useful.

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